• Modern barn renovation South facade.
  • Modern barn renovation East facade.
  • Modern barn renovation North facade.
  • Modern barn renovation, first floor plan.
  • Modern barn renovation, second floor plan.
  • Modern barn renovation, third floor plan.
  • Modern barn renovation, section with winter sun.
  • Modern barn renovation, section with summer sun.

Bradley Farm

This project renovates a working historic “Dutch” barn, originally constructed in the late 1700’s, for the contemporary needs of a small organic farm. The renovation divides the previously open interior into separate spaces for processing and storage of produce, equipment, a commercial kitchen, a retail “farmstand”, and a top-floor residence. The traditionally south-facing front facade is to be opened to exploit passive solar heating and shaded to avoid summer gain, while east/west and north facades remain relatively closed. Many of the spaces don’t need full heating and cooling: these spaces have been organized into the lower building and towards the rear to allow those that do to be placed closest to the south winter sun. A sunken root cellar will reduce refrigeration demands and a reconstructed cupola will re-introduce passive ventilation.