The Compostable Building


Plastic polymers never biodegrade. They break down into smaller and smaller pieces to be re-absorbed at the bottom of the food chain with as-yet-unknown impact. Fire retardants used in interior finishes have been identified in detailed human blood analyses, again to unknown effect. The legacy of asbestos lives on in numerous existing buildings. What are we laving to our great-great grandchildren? What if, instead of throwing that tacky old kitchen into the landfill, you were able to put it into the composter? And then grow trees from it for your children to build houses with? With few compromises, it could be done: wood, masonry and stone structures, cellulose, recyclable steel and glass, plaster and oiled finishes….

Curtis_A Decaying Houseframe - Haida_smaller
Edward S. Curtis, A decaying Houseframe – Haida.